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As is so often the case, there's something at the core that is right with this post, and something more near the surface that needs to be corrected. At the core, there's this, summarized from a Gardner Campbell talk: "It's not so much the what we learn but the how and the who with and the why we do so... it's not so much about 'open' as an adjective to describe education; rather it's 'opening' as a verb to describe what we must do." Quite so: the value is in the sharing, not (typically) in what is shared. But then there's the surface feature: "Jam. (And that requires others -- a community, a network -- in turn.)" Well - no. You are the network. You can share with nobody and still learn. I frequently run Ed Radio live, with my best FM voice, to an audience of zero listeners. I posted my newsletter articles to an unread website for three years (1998-2001) before sharing them by email. Yes, feedback is important, and yes, feedback helps you learn. But sometimes, time distance and nature provide you with all the feedback you need. You don't have to have a community - not to learn, at least. (Image: Ecology of Yearning [visual notes] @gardnercampbell keynote #opened12 giulia.forsythe)

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