Critiquing Khan Academy: Teacher Theater and the Power of Satire

Audrey Watters, Hack Education, Jul 05, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Audrey Watters writes, "I think MTT2K, the Mystery Science Theater 3000-style video campaign satirizing Khan Academy, is one of the most interesting developments in education technology so far this year." I'm inclined to agree. They idea here is that people (presumably students) have created videos wherein they watch Hkan Academy videos and make, um, comments, simular to the style made famous by Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's not just that they're laughing at the videos, though there is that - and in so doing, they are undermining the idea that "Sal Khan is education’s 'Moses.'" But more, in my view, they are fundamentally creative acts, which is the antithesis of learning-by-Khan.

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