Incorporating 4MAT Model in Distance Instructional Material – An Innovative Design

Alexandra Nikolaou, Maria Koutsouba, European Journal of Open, Distance, e-learning, Apr 24, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This paper is more of a design exercise than anything else, but it's interesting, and offers some good resources for those people interested in learning styles (learning style sceptics need not read further). Those new to learning styles will appreciate the table listing almost a dozen major learning styles theories. The paper focuses on Bernice McCarthy’s 1972 4MAT Model, which is "an eight-step cycle of instruction that capitalizes on individual learning styles and brain dominance processing preferences." It then describes the implimentation of this model in an online learning scenario. The idea is that but structuring learning through all eight steps, all individual learning styles are accomodated. I think there's merit to the suggestion even if we can disagree about differentiated instruction or whether each of the eight steps is necessary or sufficient.
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