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I've been interested to follow the story of Jim Groom and companby's use of Kickstarter to raise money to continue the DS106 experiment. In 24 hours they made their goal of $4200 and will be buying "a grown-up server (in the cloud no less!) which comes with its own grown-up costs to the tune of over $2,800 this year" (to compare, the server running and costs $1600 per year, which I pay for myself (though Athabasca University kicked in $500 this year - thanks Athabasca!). So DS106 is getting some serious hardware and bandwidth. Then an elearning company kicked in another $5000, spurred on by Michael Feldstein's offer of free publicity. Now they're talking about Gates Foundation funding and getting a bus. More realistic, I think, is the idea to embed guest artists in the course - it's one thing to run a MOOC yourself, another (as we've learned in our case) to invite guests each week.

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