Learner Generated Content: Quality Criteria in online Collaborative Learning

Maria Pérez-Mateo, Marcelo F. Maina, Montse Guitert, Marc Romero, European Journal of Open, Distance, e-learning, Dec 22, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Also studying learner-generated content is this study "to identify and describe the criteria supporting the quality of the creation of content by those learners working together in an online environment." It's interesting work: "Contrasting a literature review and learners’ perception, we propose a quality criteria framework for LGC organized in three clusters: content, format and process." Again, though, the paper suffers through the reduction of a complex phenomenon into an education-simple four-variable matrix ("four essential skills that determine creativity: a) Fluency, b) Flexibility , c) Originality and d) Elaboration" ... really? Originality? Like we've anything here?). The paper gives us a decent rubric for evaluating the quality of learner-generated resources, and relates it to some learner comments, but I would say it's a far way away from having presented an empirically validated rubric.
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