Posts from a foreign land: Online Educa 2011, No. 2: Corporate Learning

Tony Bates, online learning, distance education resources, Dec 06, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Another Online Educa Berlin has come and gone and this two part summary (part one, part two) from Tony Bates is a useful summary. Two things that I picked out of the post that were of interest to me: first, the idea that 'improving efficiency' was not the main priority for corporate e-learning, a change, as Bates notes, from a few years ago; and second, the question of what counts as 'success' in the phrase 'benchmarking from success': "how well does that work when many of these successful organizations themselves are under threat from new competitors who by definition are not yet considered successful but are competing because they do things differently?" For more from Online Educa, see Jo McLeay, who highlights Learnfizz ("enables you to find and organise the myriad of free learning resources"); the Open Classroom; the Pontydysgu live ds106 and Question Time podcasts; and Hans de Zwart on the opening plenary.
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