Ed Radio - Show Notes - 2011 07 17

Stephen Downes, Ed Radio, Jul 18, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Today's Ed Radio webcast was much longer than usual, coming as it did on a day I had no meetings or urgent deadlines and could spend my time coding away. It was also the first I actually kept show notes for. The content, though, is pretty typically Ed Radio. You can recreate the broadcast by listening to the audio from the original sources, below. Give yourself six hours.
- Clare Foster, Nightdreamer
- Somi - Jazz Fusion - Prayer to the Saint of the Brokenhearted
- Kristin Kelly, Books at All Costs, As heard on The Bob Edwards Show, July 8, 2011, NPR This I Believe
- Gabon - Tribal Treats (VHS) - Vyckos Ekondo - Noaghona
- Natalie Petouhoff, How to Build a Business Case for Social Media
- Via Jay Cross
- Natalie Petouhoff, How to Measure Social Media ROI
- Allen Watts on Life and Music, a furrycarlos production - via Documentally
- Natalie Petouhoff, How Social Media Benefits the Entire Company
- Gabon - Tribal Treats - Cele - Mikoukou Are Ghe Mbongo
- Audio from an interview with Gerry Bayne of EDUCAUSE Now about ds106
EDUCAUSE Now, Gerry Bayne, Jim Groom
- Susan Tedeschi, Can't Leave You Alone
- Graham Attwell, Sounds of the Bazaar at #PLE_SOU day 1
- Gabon - Tribal Treats - Nicole Amogho - Singa Soyi
- Gabon - Tribal Treats - Amandine - Bissi Le Ba Leya
- I Can Copy from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo
- Graham Attwell, Second day of Sounds of the Bazaar LIVE Radio at #PLE_SOU
- Gabon - Tribal Treats (VHS) - Ndjanambele du Gabon
- Stephen Downes et.al., Google Hangout
- James Clay - e-Learning Stuff Podcast #079: Turbo Telling
- Gabon - Tribal Treats (VHS) - Laurianne Ekondo - Wontchende
- What is a Community? - Via Nancy White
- Local Vocal - 90's Dance acapella medley mix - Via Luis Suarez
- The Word - 40 Noises that Built Pop - Posted by Rhodri Marsden
- Gabon - Amandine - Victime D'amour (Victim of Love)
- Google Analytics Tips, Tricks & Strategy from Higher Ed Live by sethodell, with Seth Meranda
- Gabon - Angele Assele - Amy
- Gabon - Annie Flore Batchiellilys - Je t'Invite
- November Learning Podcast Series, Creating Sustainable Change – An Interview with Jennifer Beine and Andrew Zuckerman
- Gabon - Alexis Abessolo - Ton Public
- MUTEMATH // ODD SOUL - Via Mashable, MuteMath Releases New Track Via Interactive Audio/Visual Remix Board
- Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world, Via Noise to Signal http://www.robcottingham.ca/cartoon/archive/brains-and-balance-sheets/
- Gabon - Patience Dabany - Ewawa
- Matthias Rascher, Open Culture, Revisit Havana, the “Paris of the Caribbean,” in the 1930s
- OLPC News, Controlling LEGO WeDo robots via Scratch on an XO laptop
- The Fine Brothers, 7 Harry Potter Movies In 7 Minutes via
- Styx, Mr. Roboto

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