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Dave Porter takes a look into Ray Schroeder's eduMOOC (which has now attracted upward of 2300 people) and asks "How can page upon page of densely packed text, links, and discussion forums seriously be considered an exemplar learning model? This can’t be the future, can it?" Far be it for me to defend someone else's work, but I want to challenge the premise implicit in the question, that a MOOC defines some sort of "learning model". It does not. This should be evident from the fact that Schroeder's MOOC, which depends on Google sites and discussion groups, is very different in appearance and structure from those run by George Siemens and myself. But also implicit in the comment seems to be the idea that you are supposed to somehow absorb the "densely packed text, links, and discussion forums." This is just not so. You are supposed to pick and choose, find a niche that appeals to you, and forget about the rest.

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