Recommendations for a new Ontario Online Institute

Tony Bates, e-learning, distance education resources, Jun 07, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Tony Bates summarizes the proposal for a new Ontario Online Institute ("tucked away on the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities ‘In the spotlight' web page is a single line: June 3, 2011: Moving Forward with the Ontario Online Institute. This links to the report of the Special Advisor to the Minister, Maxim Jean-Louis). I've mentioned this process here on a number of occasions, as I was one of those consulted. The report recommends "the establishment of a not-for-profit corporation whose primary role will be to facilitate, enable and fund support for online learning in Ontario, rather than regulate, control or acquire assets, working alongside and leveraging existing ‘assets' within the system. It will not offer credentials nor duplicate or replace existing services (such as quality assurance)." There was (remarks Maxim jean-Louis in another document) a strong degree of consensus around this particular recommendation.

Note: in a summary last week I highlighted Tony Bates's article "For-profits, student loans, new rules, and how these affect students in the USA, Canada and the UK", but included the wrong URL. This is the correct URL, and my apologies to Tony Bates for the mix-up.
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