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Dear Edupunk

Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, Feb 25, 2011

With the announcement of another Anya Kamanetz book on Edupunk forthcoming, Jim Groom writes of his love lost for the concept. "Dear Edupunk," he writes, "when did you stop dating journalists and start dating advocates for a mechanized vision of DIY education? You and I had deep institutional roots, and I am still proud to serve the public mission, why have you turned from this vision? ... For a while there I though we really had a future together, but your history of flirting and seducing the neo-liberals who want to dismantle public institutions has been a real turn off. " It does feel like the concept, and the work of those associated with it, is being mined for whatever value publishers can wring out of it before it is discarded as irrelevant.

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