CBC Bans Use of Creative Commons Music on Podcasts

Michael Geist, Weblog, Oct 11, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Though several days of discussions may have yielded the point that the CBC (the national Canadian broadcasting channel) prohibition ought apply only to music licensed with a Creative Commons Non-Commercial (CC-NC) license, one wonders about the initial blanket ban and whether that was the intent in the first place. Because there is a great deal of Creative Commons music that is perfectly appropriate for CBC use, specific, all that music licensed without the Non-Commercial condition. This license allows commercial use. There has been quite a bit of coverage in the open content community (see here) but none of it tells us where the prohibition came from in the first place. Could there be any doubt that the misinformation originated in the offices of a commercial music publisher? Because the Creative Commons license allowing commercial use is like a dagger to the heart of the publishers, who rely on exclusive access to market to attract musical acts.
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