Atlantic Workshop on Semantics and Services - Day 1

Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, Jun 14, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Summary notes from a workshop on the semantic web and web services. The entire morning was compressed because the first speaker went way over time, and that sort of set the stage for everything, including my talk, which was a rushed and semi-coherent traipse through something called 'Resource Profiles markup Language' (I'll try to do a proper presentation in a better forum). Anyhow, today's talks left me pretty sceptical - the dominant form of question from the audience was either (a) did you have to force [such-and-such] technology to [so-and-so, for which it was never designed] instead of [writing it down]? Or (b) yes, your technology effortlessly extracts a vocabulary from the sample materials, but isn't that because you supply it with a vocabulary in the configuration file. (Invariable answers: "no", "yes").
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