Copyright bill could digitally lock us all

Rory McGreal, Calgary Herald, Jun 14, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

AU's Associate VP Research Rory McGreal has published an op-ed on the proposed digital locks. "The bill is omnibus and universal, prohibiting all manner of reasonable activities whether they are likely or far-fetched. So, what would be a balanced and reasonable solution?... with digital locks come digital responsibilities. Vendors cannot be allowed to protect their rights by taking away users' rights."

p.s. What's with the 'Blame Obama' advertisements, with the photoshopped snooty-Obama image, plastered all over the internet? I see there's one on the Calgary Herald page. This is why I don't run advertisements - newspapers, blogs, and the rest are the witless carriers of what appears to be a deliberate attempt to pin the gulf oil spill on Obama, contrary to any rational understanding of the blame in this matter. Love or hate Obama, you have to want websites to show some judgement about the advertisements they carry, rather than leave it up to Google.
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