What should the Canadian government do to increase access to post-secondary education?

Tony Bates, Weblog, Jun 07, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Tony Bates asks the billion dollar question, how can we increase access to post-secondary education? My own thinking is that it's less and less about access to colleges and universities, and more and more about opening access to the social, learning and research infrastructure normally found at universities to the wider society. In other words, it's less about cramming people into universities and colleges, and more about getting universities and colleges integrated into the wider community. They won't like that, because they'll have to work with less money, and see more support go to learners directly, and see services - including certification and credentialing - established outside their control. But in the end, the result would be an egalitarian system serving all Canadians equally instead of some Canadians specially.
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