Comparing Higher Ed to Wall Street

Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Ed, May 08, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting: "The peer review nature of higher education accreditation has an inherent conflict of interest similar to the ratings agencies." I'd like top deny that, but find myself unable. I also watch the dance between government and education - government increases grants and loans and other aid to students, colleges and universities raise tuitions and keep all the money for themselves. And so up and up we go in an unsustainable spiral. "The California-based for-profit higher ed company has seen its revenue from Pell Grants grow by 38 percent in the first three quarters of this fiscal year compared to the last one, he said. Anyone from DeVry? Forty-two percent increase, Shireman said. ITT? Strayer? One by one, he ticked through a list of publicly traded companies, pointing out the increasing amounts of federal money the institutions were collecting."
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