A Dialogue: Sharing, Trust, Collaboration

George Siemens, elearnspace, Feb 26, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Well, we are well and truly into it. This nifty item sees George Siemens write, "...we have selected the wrong tool for the task: we're managing when we should be fostering...which is why flexible tools like blogs, wikis, community-building software tools are better for learning...as compared to Learning Management Systems." And in response, Guy Dugas comments, "Lets not confuse centralized with standardized. The Internet as model is a good one, but one that is out of sync with your arguments. The Internet's lynchpin is standards. Without a language (HTML), protocols (HTTP, TCP/IP, FTP), and browsers (IE, Netscape, Opera), that all conform to standards, you would not be blogging today. I'm with Plato. Conforming to laws is the road to true freedom." Much more to read here: don't miss this.
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