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Andrew B. Watt quite rightly takes Saul Kaplan to task for his 'rant' on education posted in the Mass High Tech, the journal of technology in New England. Kaplan calls for "actionable platforms to enable real world experimentation for new education systems and solutions... [bringing] the voice of the student and student experience directly into the education innovation conversation... [and] a purposeful network of innovators motivated to explore and test new system solutions." As though none of that hasn't already been done and been blocked from the school system by internet filters. "Here's the trouble," writes Watt. "What you've currently got are schools built around five core subjects, plus sometimes-art and sometimes-music, and sometimes-sports... there isn't a line item for a used gene sequencer, or a 9″ refracting telescope or its observatory, or a plastics-moulding laboratory, or a digital recording studio with a green screen and a sound booth anywhere on the list... And your current incentive system says no money for failing schools, only money for schools at the top, more testing, more testing, more testing [and] better discipline."

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