OECD Report Finds Canadian Broadband Slow, Expensive

Michael Geist, Weblog, Jun 05, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Canada has always had a good internet system, and I always find it frustratingly slow when I visit other countries. But this is changing, as the OECD reports that Canada's internet is getting comparitively slower and more expensive. "When price and speed are combined, Canada sinks toward the very bottom of the OECD rankings. As measured by price per megabyte - effectively the price for speed - Canada ranks 28th out of 30 countries, ahead of only Mexico and Poland." This trend, if it continues, will, impair our ability to research and develop. This may be deliberate. Harold Jarche comments, "Canadians are being set up by music/movie lobby groups & our politicians in a rather cozy relationship it seems … Is there a connection between crappy broadband and minimal use of open source in Canada?"
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