TNP: 20 Years On

Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, Mar 24, 2009
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I have just finished retyping and uploading a long paper called The Network Phenomenon I wrote as my PhD dissertation proposal almost 20 years ago. As most readers know, I never did receive my PhD for any of this work. In this post, I talk about my proposal, what led to it, what happened to it, and the influence this work has on my life today.

The Network Phenomenon: Empiricism and the New Connectionism
Stephen Downes, 1990
(The whole document in MS-Word)

1. Introduction
2. Empiricism
3. The Objections to Empiricism
4. Connectionism
5. Distributed Representations
6. The Problems of Perception
7. Associationism: Cognitive Structures
8. Associationism: Inferential Structures
9. Connectionism and Justification
10. Summary
11. Projects and Investigations
TNP: 20 Years On

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