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Scott Wilson reports on the launch of the Open Web Foundation, announced at OSCON last week. The purpose of the Foundation is to "create a home for community-driven specifications" such as oAuth and OpenID. Wilson questions the need for the Foundation: "On the other hand, what about IETF? What about W3C? What about ISO? What about UN/CEFACT?"

The discussion on the OWF mailing list and in other coverage answers the question. WC3? For example, here we read, "The W3C is a pay-to-play cartel that increasingly gets nothing done. Open source developers can't even participate, as a rule." As for IETF, Wilson's concern is echoed by Dare Obasanjo, but in response, "its main problem is that it has no IPR policy at all," a concern that was echoed elsewhere. ISO's problems were highlighted in the recent Open Document kerfuffle.

More coverage of the launch: from TechNewsWorld, Identity Woman, Internet News, OStatic, Web Green, Silicon Florist and many more. I have joined the mailing list, which means I have joined the Foundation (I think - I saw no indication of an additional step).

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