Battles for Souls and Such

George Siemens, elearnspace, Mar 10, 2008
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Newsweek writes, "In short, the expert is back. The revival comes amid mounting demand for a more reliable, bankable Web. 'People are beginning to recognize that the world is too dangerous a place for faulty information'". The expert never left. From his position as a paid columnist or published author working at his benefactor's behest, the expert has decried open source and open content from the moment of their inception. Because, of course, the publisher knows no other source but the expert, and can and will cry, "the expert is back" up to the moment of its demise. As for Wikipedia, well: if the deletionists win, then Wikipedia dies, because it's only if Wikipedia is fundamentally inclusionist that people have any interest in contributing. Don't believe me? Ask Larry Sanger why Citizendium languishes after its launch (5600 articles... wow whee).
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