Pots, Kettles, and Other Small Appliances of Like Appearance

George Siemens, Connectivism, Sept 07, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

More fall-out from Gary Stager's post. George Siemens writes, correctly, first, that we (edubloggers, web 2.0 types, and the rest) need to welcome criticism, and send, that we need to focus less on 'fighting the system' and more on crafting our alternative. He's right on both counts - though I will say that that's what we were doing before Stager decided to take a few uniformed and nasty pot-shots at us. Siemens compares Stager to Andrew Keen, who has parlayed rude and uninformed criticism into a tour of the talk show circuit. "He's the anti-voice to what is starting to look less like a trend and more like a revolution." Could be. Related: Tom Haskins writes about the LMS vs PLE debate and on changing the debate.
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