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Coverage of the 'launch' of the Common Cartridge standard (who came up with that name?) at the EDUCAUSE meeting in dallas today. "It is a set of specifications and standards, commonly agreed to by an IMS working group, that would allow digitally produced content âx" supplements to textbooks such as assessments or secondary readings, say, or faculty-produced course add-ons like discussion groups âx" to 'play,' or appear, the same in any course management system." According to the article, "all of them have vowed to begin incorporating the new standard into their products by next spring âx" except Blackboard, which says it will do so eventually, but has not set a timeline for when." Don't expect them to rush, though. "Because Blackboard and Web CT together own in the neighborhood of 75 percent of the course management market, Pearson and other publishers produce virtually all of their materials to work in those proprietary systems."

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