Gorilla Warfare

David Raths, E-Learning Magazine, Jan 24, 2002
Commentary by Stephen Downes

"Big names from outside the training world are lining up to become the 800-pound gorilla in the e-learning market," suggests this article. And what follows is an interesting survey of the interest and efforts generated from four different sectors: the consulting sector, the resource planning sector, tech firms and retailers. Nobody has found the key yet, but the summer of 2002 should see some winners begin to emerge, according to the article. And the likely winners will be "companies like Siebel and Oracle and Microsoft buying the LMS vendors." I agree that consolidation will come later this year, but I see the purchases coming from a sector not even considered in this article: the publishing industry. Why? Because it is important to stop thinking as an LMS as software and start thinking of it as a content distribution system. Viewed that way, the publishers must begin acquiring - or they will be beholden to companies like Siebel, Oracle and Microsoft for their existence. You make the call.
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