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Stephen Downes, Sept 02, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Welcome to the weekly readers, who have missed out on the great move to the new system. Today I flex it a bit, beginning with this page, which lists the most popular ten links from the last week. You'll also see the beginnings of my rating system, not fully operational (use the 'Back' button after you vote) but generally functional. Also, if you mouse over the author's name and the publication, you'll notice that they, too, are links to pages featuring links from those respective sources. This is still just the beginning of the new functionality - what we went through this week was much more than a design change. I'll update the code listings before I leave for Britain on Sunday (but again, this is still very much a work in progress). I arrive in Manchester Monday afternoon; I might do a newsletter but don't count on one until Tuesday. Meanwhile, I'll see some of you at the Edu-Bloggers Meetup Tuesday evening.
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