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"Why is everyone championing Threads as the main Twitter alternative?" asks Jason Koebler. "Mastodon is interoperable, decentralized, operated by a nonprofit, lively, and, ACTUALLY, isn't hard to use." Well it could be because the 'everybody' in question represent commercial publishers, and commercial publishers are not fans of an open source open access distributed federated content model. I will point out that Koebler says he is "using Threads, and I will continue to use Threads, because I am a pragmatic person who wants to connect with readers wherever they are because my livelihood and my reporting relies on it." So to my mind, that makes him just like the people he criticizes for using X/Twitter. Some advice: if your livlihood depends on supporting sites that contribute to "disinformation, algorithmic dark patterns and ever-shifting reward systems, user monetization and tracking, disastrous forays into the news business, shoddy content moderation, and complicity in a genocide," reconsider your livlihood.

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