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I'm rolling up today's Mastodon and fediverse coverage into a single point, beginning with this item praising Mastodon for not using an algorithm to organize results and for being a part of a wider fediverse. More news: In Time, Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko explains how Mastodon avoids attracting hate. Molly Jong-Fast writes in Vanity Fair that Musk-era Twitter is a "complete mess" but she's not quitting just yet. Emory Craig says the debacle is "a lesson for the metaverse". Doug Johnson quits Twitter, but is using "no programs I am too out of the loop to even know about." Some people are offering their own account verification, including Walt Shaub's list mostly of journalists, and Jorge Caballero's list of verified, large, or notable Twitter accounts that have a Mastodon account. Metafilter reports that Reuters has a Mastodon explainer, as does CNN, New York Times, and the Guardian. Oh, and as I type, is down.

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