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Your chatGPT update for today: Bryan Alexander hosts a discussion on what chatGPT may mean for education. "AI could be a great motivator for educators to find more creative ways for students to learn," writes Salmaan Farooqui in his article. "It used to be that education was about getting information to your fingertips. We have the opposite problem: there's too much information," he writes, quoting OISE chair Earl Woodruff. Similar views are expressed by Vitomir Kovanovic in Academic Matters. As Dave White says, having technology redefine learning isn't a problem. More on academic chatGPT from Jennifer Sandlin. Also, this image explaining what AI isn't copying, exactly, via Stable Horde. Artists stage a mass protest and fight back by feeding corporate images into the AI, with Mickey Mouse results. Finally,  Wilfred Rubens looks at the importance of a framework for AI ethics.

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