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The idea of a mini-App is that it is a small program that runs inside another program. To date, only WeChat has built a successful mini-App ecosystem. But in the last few weeks, Apple has announced 'App Clips' and Snap has launched 'Minis'. The appeal of a mini-App is that it is "a better version of a browser, where you're signed in and payment-enabled for every site you visit." This article describes  Koji, "a twist on the mini-app idea. Rather than make apps that work inside a messaging app, Shapiro wants to make apps that work everywhere. Imagine a dating app you could embed in a text thread and browse with your friend, or a Twitter clone just for you and your friends." It's easy to see the parallels with the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) ecosystem. Of course, if we flip it, we could have learning tools run anywhere, and not just in an LMS. Which really is what we want.

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