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OK, this is just an Indiegogo crowdfunding call, and as such should not be taken to mean anything. But the concept is nonetheless interesting enough to post here, if only as a thought exercise. Here's their plan: "Students, surgeons, interns and healthcare professionals will finally be able to enter into a real operating room. The operating room will be 'open'. Students will be able to consult the anonymised medical records of patients under surgery, ask and reply to questions." The idea, of course, is that you would 'enter' the operating room online. Personally, I think there's a huge opportunity here for someone. I can think of all kinds of work environments I'd like to virtually enter - not operating rooms (yeech) but airline cockpits, courtrooms, urban planning meetings. Any job that's our there can and should be virtualized. That's how students will learn (at least in part) in the future - by 'riding along' with people already doing the sorts of jobs that are interesting to them.

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