VR and AR: The Art of Immersive Storytelling and Journalism

Emory Craig, Maya Georgieva, EDUCAUSE Review, Jan 23, 2019
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The item was the top listing in the EDUCAUSE most-read and most-watched EDUCAUSE Review blogs and videos in 2018. The bulk of this article is a listing of several immersive storytelling initiatives, including: a Masters project, The Wait, at UC Berkeley; a new Immersive Storytelling & Emerging Technologies (ISET) concentration at Johns Hopkins; the Motion Capture Studio and the XReality Center at The New School in New York City; The Mobile Virtual Reality Lab at Florida International University; and a project called To Be with Hamlet at New York University. We are told that in the future immersive storytelling "will impact a wide range of disciplines." Not exactly a penetrating insight.

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