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Post Kinds, in depth

Paul Jacobson, Sept 11, 2018

This post is mostly a test of the WebMention functionality I've just built into gRSShopper. WebMention is a W3 standard whereby if you mention someone's link in your post, that that person's site supports WebMention, then you can ping them and let them know they've been cited. If you cite this post and your application supports WebMention, then I'll receive the ping and automatically place a link to your post on this post (it's wide open for now, but eventually I'll limit that to my personal graph, which will kill all spam links). You can see me test it out here. I did this because I know Greg McVerry and others are working with WebMention so I wanted to set up a system that allowed me to help them test sending and receiving.Also because it allows gRSShopper to be a part of #indieweb and create the distributed social graph. Anyhow, I hope this all works, and here's Chris Aldrich's post on post kinds.

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