Post Script to #AMEE2014 #PCW16 Workshop on Personalising Learning

Natalie Lafferty, eLime, Sept 06, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I had the chance to listen to Natalie Lafferty today during the debate on whether online learning is a valuable tool in learning (spoiler: it is) and I thought I'd go back and have a look at her preconference workshop slides, contained here in this post. I like the way she focuses on the idea of students being the author of their own education. And she makes the distinction I've observed in the past as well: "I picked up on these themes in another section of the workshop and made the distinction between ‘personal’ learning which is made by and for oneself and self-organised and managed versus what seems to be the current trend around ‘personalised learning’ which to me seems to have become more about learning being customised for individuals and linked to machine learning." And she introduced me to a new term: Free Open Access Meducation - FOAMed.

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