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TonNet embeds this video featuring Paul Nussbaum, Eric Grant, Marc Prensky and George Siemens as they meet up "to talk about the synapses, social networks and school: what developments in brain research and computer technology tell us about the classrooms of the future. They are hard on the language of learning." From TVO. George Siemens reacts, "The discussion didn't focus as much on the future as I would have hoped. I also discovered that I'm too long-winded to present ideas in 15 second sound bites!" Oh really? How about: "Rhetoric is a great way of motivating the masses but it's a tough way to build an entirely new system."Or, "If we have an answer already to the problem of education, we've misunderstood the nature of the problem." It was well worth viewing, but a lot of time was wasted on Mark Prensky uttering nonsense.

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