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Reading George Siemens's criticisms of Prensky's concept of the 'digital native', I am reminded of Norm Friesen's criticisms, back before it was popular. Me, I think that the problem was that Prensky didn't evolve - he focused on writing for print media. "I could blog longer essays, but I like to have them published in print [and] goes to an audience, that is, I think, more in need to be influenced than 'the choir' who read blogs in general, and mine in particular," he writes on his blog (which is showing serious lack of attention - don't read the comments). I think the 'choir' is the people who read the print publications. Presnky didn't interact with his readers on the web, and didn't learn from them. Which is why, after, what, ten years, he is still presenting on 'digital natives'. I hope my career progresses in a more diverse fashion. But I also hope that my critics are kinder.

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