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George Siemens links to this very badly titled article focusing on the need to provide educational opportunities for the poor in the United States. "If the country's Digital Educational Apartheid is to be eliminated... then as a country, we must develop and test innovative systemic solutions." First, I don't think it's appropriate to use the term 'apartheid' in this way - it has a very specific meaning and is not merely a substitute for 'poor'. I can't believe they've actually trademarked the term. Second, I would much rather see initiatives aimed at helping all the world's poor, not just those in the world's richest nation. I have always supported online learning precisely because I believe it is the best hope to provide learning for everyone. But my interest in this does not end at the border, and never will. This webite may cite George Siemens - but George Siemens should know not to uncritically give them a plug in return.

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