December 15, 2006


Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: Nadia, [Edit][Delete] December 15, 2006
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Today is a sad day in our household as our little cat Nadia passed away after a brief illness. She was only 3 years old. Video, Nadia in the box - she is the second cat to appear, the light white, orange and grey cat (the other cat is Polly). Video, the cats playing, Nadia is the first cat you see, at the beginning and near the end of the video; the black and white camera hog is Bart. Nadia was so named because she was the gymnast, pulling herself up on chairs, leaping not walking (she always lived in three dimensions), prancing down the hall. We would play with her with the butterflies, and she would soar through the air. She was upstairs with us last night, but at the breaking of the day, she heard the butterflies calling, and went downstairs to meet them. Nadia, sweet Nadia, lives on in our hearts. [Tags: ] [Comment] [Edit] [Delete] [Spam]

Tom Haskins[Edit][Delete]: I Found it Inside My Blog Reader!, growing changing learning creating [Edit][Delete] December 15, 2006
[link: Hits] Heh. "All these bloggers I subscribe to appear to be learning without formal instruction... All these bloggers are self directing their own learning proceses, motivating their own progress, synthesizing their own meaning and constructing idiosyncratic mental models. How did all these bloggers get so resourceful and practiced at learning informally from the blogging they are doing?" That's the evidence we all see and feel, the evidence of our own learning. [Tags: , ] [Comment] [Edit] [Delete] [Spam]

Seb Schmoller[Edit][Delete]: Google's Patent Search, Fortnightly Mailing [Edit][Delete] December 15, 2006
[link: 1 Hits] Google has launched a new patent search tool and of course the first thing everybody in our field has done is to look up learning. Here's a patent for roles-based access control from 1997 - this is one of the things Blackboard claimed in its patent. And 'learning'? A search reveals 1147 patents - and a lot of work for someone, I guess. I think we need to get a handle on this, though I must confess, I preferred my earlier strategy - ignoring the U.S. Patent Office as irrelevant. [Tags: , , ] [Comment] [Edit] [Delete] [Spam]

Luis Suarez[Edit][Delete]: Deploying Social Software in Learning and Teaching Environments, ELSUA ~ A KM Blog [Edit][Delete] December 15, 2006
[link: Hits] A good find from Luis Suarez, who is actually viewing slide shows uploaded to SlideShare. [Tags: ] [Comment] [Edit] [Delete] [Spam]

Unattributed[Edit][Delete]: University of Manitoba Adopts Web 2.0 Approach to Learning, CBC [Edit][Delete] December 15, 2006
[link: 1 Hits] Good for the University of Manitoba, which got a review from CBC for its Web 2.0 initiatives in e-learning. Via George Siemens. [Tags: , ] [Comment] [Edit] [Delete] [Spam]

Beth Kanter[Edit][Delete]: NpTechTag Summary, December 15, 2006
[link: Hits] This is a bit of a grab-bag post, which I don't usually cover, but there's something in here for everyone, including the iCarta iPod toilet roll holder, food bloggers raising money for hunger relief, where do you stand on love?, Org2.0 from Seth Godin, Executive Briefing on Social Networking for Businesses and Associations, a map application with wiki features, and much more. [Tags: ] [Comment] [Edit] [Delete] [Spam]

Various authors[Edit][Delete]: TouchStone, [Edit][Delete] December 15, 2006
[link: Hits] Marjolein Hoekstra popped up on Skype this morning and told me about this application. Basically, it looks at your reading selections, as well as the things you write, then scans your RSS feed and highlights, in different ways, things it thinks you will be most interested in. The software if alpha, so it's not perfect, but it has been running well thus far (though I did turn off the ticker). [Tags: ] [Comment] [Edit] [Delete] [Spam]

Pascal vanHecke[Edit][Delete]: Visualising RSS: playing with WizaRSS and S5, Notes, links and conversation [Edit][Delete] December 15, 2006
[link: Hits] Nice application that does something I've been thinking about for a while - takes an RSS feed and inserts it into a nifty S5 template. Here, for example, is the current OLDaily in S5. [Tags: ] [Comment] [Edit] [Delete] [Spam]

Kathy Sierra[Edit][Delete]: Become the Thing That Replaces You, Creating Passionate Users [Edit][Delete] December 15, 2006
[link: Hits] Some good advice, especially with respect to the design of games in learning (and note that I did not say 'learning games'). The 'meta level' that Kathy Sierra, of course, is the nuggin - the thing that people are actually buying when they buy something. People buy heat, not coal or oil. Transportation or status, not cars or trucks. What do they buy when they pay tuition? What do people looking for when they sign up for OLDaily? Good questions, I think, and it is worth taking to heart, that "'Don't mess with success' is often the biggest barrier to becoming your own 'killer'." [Tags: , ] [Comment] [Edit] [Delete] [Spam]

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