Clayton Wright: List of Ed Tech Conferences, Rick's Cafe Canadian October 4, 2005
Clayton Wright sent me this same list a little while ago, and planned on doing something neat with it. I still plan to - but it might not be until 2006. Putting this new system is eating time - and generating some interesting errors (you'll be interested to know that Apache has an upper limit on the size of the error log and when that limit is reached Apache does... nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which is what happened yesterday. All your links should now be working, and if you tossed the newsletter (I would have) you can still access the archived version on my website. [Tags: None] [Comment]

Godfrey Parkin: Learner-Created Learning, Parkin's Lot October 4, 2005
I like the idea of 'learner created learning' as described in this article. I'm less thrilled with the term 'prosumer' - the term, of course, is short for 'producer - consumer' and it is yet again another commodification - like 'human resources' - of people. I am not a producer, I am not a consumer, and I would hope we would teach our students to have a wider vision of who they are and what they can be. Let's call them 'authors' and 'artists' and 'creators'. Via George Siemens. [Tags: None] [Comment]

Brian L. Hawkins, Julia A. Rudy, and Robert Nicolich: Core Data Service: Fiscal Year 2004 Summary Report, Educause October 4, 2005
Piles of data "about campus information technology (IT) environments at 890 colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad" and some interesting commentary on the "fallacy of relying only on input measures." The authors write "This effort to 'keep up with the Joneses' is untimately an inflationary pressure that can be dysfunctional." Of use mostly to administrators. [Tags: None] [Comment]

Barbara F. Meltz: Don't Judge a Preschool by Whether it Has Computers, Boston Globe October 4, 2005
Of course not; that would be silly. In today's age of mobile computing, you should check to see whether your prospective preschool has wireless. Heh. Via Educational Technology. [Tags: Schools, Wireless, Web Logs, Online Learning] [Comment]

Devin Crawley: The Infinite Library, U of T Magazine October 4, 2005
The summary at the top of this article says it all: "Researchers are welcoming Google's plan to digitize millions of books, but the implications for libraries are profound." Via Dave Tosh. [Tags: None] [Comment]

Dave Cormier: Living the Game - Modelling in Ed-tech, Dave’s Educational Blog October 4, 2005
Dave Tosh points us to this new blog by Dave Cormier and in turn I link here to his latest post, a reflection on whether those who promote ed tech should model it. This is something I believe in, but to be fair, it takes a lot of work to model technology that hasn't been built yet (much less commercially available) and it entails a certain degree of risk, as ever-patient OLDaily readers can attest. [Tags: Web Logs] [Comment]

Jakob Nielsen: Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005, Alertbox October 4, 2005
Jakob Nielsen is back with his annual list of common errors in web design and this year the usability specialist has a solid line-up. Personally, I think my own site fares pretty well (especially after my having spent the last week on number five). But I want especially to direct this list to the designers of SchoolPlaza, which commits every error on Nielsen's list. Thomas Maier, who was kind enough to post a response to my criticisms, argued that "the interface design is - I think - always a question of taste." To some extent, sure, but in other aspects matters of taste must take a back seat to making your site useful and accessible to readers. [Tags: Accessibility, Usability] [Comment]

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Browse through the thousands of links in my knowledge base sorted according to topic category, author and publication.

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