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Learning, Technology and Community: A Journey of the Self
September 8, 2005 Summary notes of this talk by Etienne Wenger on communities of practice at ALT-C in Manchester. [Comment]


Parody: Google Announces Plan To Destroy All Information It Can't Index, September 8, 2005
A little humour to begin the day, and to wrap up blogging from the ALT-C conference. You'll notice the link to my summary of Etienne Wenger's talk just above; my own talk ran into a recording glitch, so MP3 may not be available until next week. Meanwhile, I'm losing my internet access (I have none at the hotel), so this may be the last of OLDaily until Monday. I'm in Ottawa all of thext week - I have three separate talks to give - so it's going to be busy and some things will slide a bit. But hey, all is well, I had a great time here at ALT-C and far too short a time to meet and talk with the many interesting people here. [Comment]

James Farmer: edublogs.org Community, Incorporated Subversion September 8, 2005
Believe it or not, edublogs.org is about to cross the 1,000 blog mark, and to celebrate this (like he wouldn't have done it anyway) James Farmer is launching an edublogs.org community website. [Comment]

Chris Anderson: The New Architecture of Production, The Long Tail September 8, 2005
Interesting diagram depicting the 'new architecture of production', one where, instead of merely a producer and consumer, you also have different types of remixers taking part. Something worth looking at for models of production of learning resources. Via George Siemens. [Comment]

Press Release: Australia's Export Success in Education, Commonwealth of Australia September 8, 2005
The elearnopedia link got crossed, but this item is worth citing anyways. It was a bit of a surprise to me, but "education is Australia's fourth largest export industry, and in 2004 international enrolments made up 15% of total revenues for Australian universities and 18% of total student enrolments in higher education." [Comment]

Tom Hoffman: Smart Internet 2010, ESchool News September 8, 2005
Summary of a recent report released in Australia, Smart Internet 2010. The comment from Boing Boing is (typically) condescending: "It covers a lot of ground (much of it likely familiar to you if you're a regular BB reader), aimed at a general audience (e.g., net-clueless regulators)." But Tom Hoffman finds of interest "the four schools of thought about the internet that it identifies: 1. Adaptive user environment; 2. Not the smart internet; 3. Rich media; 4. Chaos rules." Which is actually a pretty insightful way of looking at things. [Comment]

Mark Oehlert: Myth Busting: The Chinese Character Myth, E-Clippings September 8, 2005
I've always wondered about this. Mark Oehlert suggests (with a link to the source) that the Chinese character for crisis is not really a composite of 'danger' and 'opportunity. [Comment]

Alan Levine: Everything Steve Johnson Writes About is Bad For You, Cogdogblog September 8, 2005
Alan Levine reviews Steven Johnson's book, Everything Bad Is Good For You, and gives it four paws up. He writes, "Johnson's view on pop culture is so fresh, new, and insightful, it is invigorating. So maybe if you don't buy that 'pop culture is actually making us smarter' this book should give some deeper thought before just dismissing pop culture as a wasteland." So maybe I'll rethink what I figured was just a pop-culture book. [Comment]

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Browse through the thousands of links in my knowledge base sorted according to topic category, author and publication.

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