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On Media Elitism and The "Derivative" Myth
Chris AndersonChris Anderson, The Long TailThe Long Tail,

How often have you heard something like this? "Without the New York Times, there is no blog community. They'd have nothing to blog about." Yeah, it's the old story. But it's not true. Check out these statistics: "Technorati shows that there are currently 555,000 posts linking to the New York Times. Nearly 800,000 posts mention the Times in one way or another. Sounds like a lot? Not if you pull back and look at the entire blogosphere. Technorati is currently tracking 2.7 billion links." Another way of putting it is to observe, with the author, that "roughly 300 times more people talking about themselves (and the world around them) than talking about what the New York Times has written about." P.S. Wired magazine has just bought the online service, Wired News. I have a special interest in Wired. So congratulations to the whole gang from both sides. Today: Total:31 [Comment] [Direct Link]

The New Architecture of Production
Chris AndersonChris Anderson, The Long TailThe Long Tail,

Interesting diagram depicting the 'new architecture of production', one where, instead of merely a producer and consumer, you also have different types of remixers taking part. Something worth looking at for models of production of learning resources. Via George Siemens. Today: Total:52 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Mainstream Media Meltdown
Chris AndersonChris Anderson, The Long TailThe Long Tail,

Many people have scoffed about predictions that the internet would mean the end of traditional media. Even as journalism has been given a rough ride by a horde of fact-checking bloggers pundits have continued to hold that the media themselves are not in jeopardy. Well, the end is coming, and it's not just creeping forward, it is steamrolling. Music sales down 21 percent. Television audiences down a third. Radio listenership at a 27-year low. Via James Richardson. Today: Total:19 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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