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Various authors, Feedster, Aug 16, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Feedster has joined the blog ranking game in a big way with its list of the top 500 released today. Sad to say, downes.ca has once again been overlooked in the quest for web fame, despite, according to Feedster itself, racking up 7,988 links (see Feedster, or if you need speed, the screen shot), a number that would put me in 18th place. The 1045 links that Technorati gives me would put me in 348th, which to me seems low. Ah well. Perhaps I'll just take my newly acquired B-List status bestowed by Blogebrity and smile. Or better yet - given that these list don't even touch the massive blog readerships in LiveJournal - perhaps it would be best if I just let the subject drop. Ah, but it's too much like a road accident, isn't it?
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