Learning Development Cycle: Bridging Learning Design and Modern Knowledge Needs

George Siemens, elearnspace, Jul 12, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

George Siemens weighs in with another significant paper. Starting with the premise, established elsewhere, that "learning today has moved beyond courses," he outlines a model of four distinct learning domains: accretion, transmission, acquisition and emergence. Each demands a different sort of learning (not 'instructional design') and Siemens accordingly offers a learning development cycle that takes this into account. I'm not so sure I'm happy with the taxonomy of learning domains - associating cognitivism and constructivism with emergence is, in most respects, not how I would organize learning. But this is a very minor criticism of what is overall a stimulating and well-considered paper, one that will take its place as part of the foundational literature for a new theory of learning.
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