K-20 Series: Why Mastery Makes Sense

D. Scott Looney, EDUCAUSE Review, Sept 13, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This article introduces us to the Mastery Transcript Consortium, which was launched with 54 independent (aka, private) schools. "Six months later," we read, "the MTC's roster has more than doubled and includes some of the world's best known prep schools." Why start with private schools? "To minimize complications and streamline the early stage development." But it's also important to note that, as the author writes, "the transcript shapes the very education it hopes to measure and represent." If this is done in the orivate sector, then it is being done without the advice and consent of the public as a whole, and this is problematic. I personally think the idea of mastery transcripts is a great idea. But it should be separated out from the very political issue of private schooling, and given the public review and sanction it requires before it proceeds.

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