You Are What is Killing Librarianship

Veronica Arellano Douglas, ACRLog, Jun 12, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I haven't covered libraries and librarianship a lot in these pages because my perception has been that the both have become increasingly marginal over the years. Sure, there's a digital-age story we can tell about the role of information professionals, but this story was resisted by those already in the field. As this article relates, people advocating new roles and new definitions would be told "You are what is killing librarianship" by traditional librarians. And I have to say, I read no small number of librarian posts of this ilk. But maybe this is beginning to change. As the author says, "We need to consider critical inquiry, reflection, discussion, and revision of our professional values and practices as an integral part of our work. The only thing that will ever 'kill' librarianship is our inability to reflect and discuss our interpretations of our professional values and practice." Image: Walter Lim.
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