Analytics isn’t a thing

Mike Sharkey, Blackboard Blog, Mar 14, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

By this headline Mike Sharkey doesn't mean that analytics doesn't exist, nor does he mean it isn't something important. Rather, he says, software is defined by the problem it solves, and 'analytics' isn't a type of problem. "Analytics isn’t a thing. Analytics help solve problems like retention, student success, operational efficiency, or engagement," he writes. He raises this point because 'learning analytics' is dropped from this year's NMC Horizon report." I wouldn’t say that analytics 'has arrived,' so I was a little surprised that it wasn’t called out as a specific trend," he said. It wouldn't be the first time a trend simply disappeared in a Horizon report - analytics also vanished in 2015 only to reappear a year later.

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