How to Conduct a Learning Audit

AnnMarie Kuzel, Chief Learning Officer, Nov 21, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Good article on a topic we don't discuss a lot. The idea of a learning audit is to determine the current state of affairs of learning in a company or institution, such as McDonalds (the case used in this article). There's no secret to conducting a learning audit, but there are choices to make - for example, whether to conduct it internally or hire an outside consultant. You look at people's attitudes ("What are people thinking? Are they thinking that the training’s accessible? That it’s easy to find? Do they like the content? Are they using the content?") an you look at the job profiles. And you have to assess the learning itself. "You forget to do things like encouraging learners to reflect, to think about how it’s relevant, to give them decision-making practice, to give them repetitions in learning.”

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