Open Educational Practice: the boring way and more interesting ways

David T. Jones, The Weblog of (a) David Jones, Aug 07, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a pretty good post, but it leaves me hanging at the end. The 'boring way' of implementing Open educational Practice (OEP) is, as Jones describes it, is to "spend the time and effort to polish course materials into a book and make that book openly available to all." Fairly common, but yeah, fairly mundane. As less boring, them, maybe "trying to move beyond seeing it as a book?" Or maybe "what Wiley calls renewable assessments?" So OK, but inevitably someone calls for a "centralized repository" of student assignments. And we're back to boring (and unworkable) again. "Integrate this type of assessment into Scootle or related services?" Not bad, but it's not federated, and it's not connected. So then, instead, we should...

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