The death of the digital native: four provocations from Digifest speaker, Donna Lanclos

Donna Lanclos, Eccos Revista Científica, Feb 23, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

She writes, "The original formulation even posited that there is something biologically different about the brains of these so-called digital natives, because of their early and frequent interaction with particular types of technology. It's not true and anybody who connects with students and members of academic staff in any kind of practical way knows that people who engage with technology are not motivated by their age category." The next two provocations are equally good: the proposal to be 'open by default', and to stop worrying about 'student expectations'. The last, to adopt technology 'fit for purpose', is a bit more debatable - I think that instead of having separate 'education' applications for everything, education should be built into all our applications and tools.

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