Credits and Credentialing

Audrey Watters, Hack Education, Dec 19, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I have long believed we are headed for a post-university-degree era in learning, an era where there is a proliferation of credentials offered by a wide range of agencies. Though as Audrey Watters remarks, "What’s always striking to me is that alternate forms of credentialing are posited as a new thing, as a brilliant innovation (of course!) devised recently by tech and ed-tech companies." True, oh too true. And from what I can see, they would simply toss us into an Uber-like era of 'disruptive' credentialing (which will leave us wondering whether we can trust any credential at all). Kind of like what GapJumper is doing. Nor will we be able to trust the credential accrediting agencies, which can be as shady as they come. Nor do I have any joy at the prospect of (say) the University of Microsoft. People call for an "open credentials marketplace" as though such a thing would never be subject to collusion and monopolization. No, the truly disruptive post-credential credential won't be a credential at all.

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