5 Strategies To Trend On Twitter at Your Next Event

Lisa Nielsen, The Innovative Educator, Aug 05, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It's an interesting question: how should we measure the success of an event? This question is motivated by these considerations: "This year we wanted to focus on getting the buzz going in social media. One measure success was if we could trend on Twitter that day and we did." The article lists five ways to trend on Twitter - it includes the use of generic hashtag, involving awards, and using an application that autoposts to Twitter. But, first, isn't this just gaming the system? And second, why should conference attendees (who actually paid for the event) care about the event trending on Twitter? There's a push-and-pull in all learning these days, it seems: between the needs of the learner, and the needs of the institution providing the learning. More often than not, the latter wins.

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